2″ x 50′ – 10,000 lb.
Long Handle Ratchet
with Flat Hooks

Erickson Mfg. now offers our 2” Heavy Duty Long Handle Ratchet Straps with our new Web Clamp. The spring loaded clamping device acts much like a mouse trap. You simply take the excess webbing and place it under the spring loaded clamp. No more webbing blowing in the wind. Neat and simple!

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10,000 lb. Breaking Strength
3300 lb. Working Load Limit

  • Hook Specs:
    • Style: Flat Hooks
    • Length: 3.6″
    • Width: 2.6″
    • Thickness: 5.4MM
    • Opening: 1″
  • Ratchet Specs:
    • Long Handle Ratchet
    • Web Clamp stores excess webbing
    • Finish: Chromate
  • Webbing Specs:
    • Material: Polyester
    • Width: 2″
    • Length: 50′
    • Color: Yellow

Features & Benefits

  • Chromate finished hardware protect against damaging your cargo
  • Long handle ratchet
  • Web Clamp stores excess webbing
  • Polyester webbing is strong and durable
  • D.O.T. complaint Printed Web

Proper Use/Safety Factors

  • Working Load Limit (WLL) is 1/3 of the breaking strength
  • Always check webbing and ratchet for damages before using
    • If damaged, do not use


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