36″ Flat Bungey with Carabiner

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  • Hook Specs:
    • Carabiner hook made of Aluminum alloy
    • Length: 3″
    • Opening: 1″
  • Cord Specs:
    • Length: 36″
    • Width: 5/8″
    • Made of rubber strands
    • Polypropylene covering
    • Color: Red

Features and Benefits

  • Carabiner hook made of Aluminum alloy
  • The polypropylene covering protects the internal rubber strands from the elements, which extends the life of the cord.

Proper Use/ Safety

  • Bungey cords can safely stretch 1.5 times their original length
  • Do not over stretch as bungey cords could break and cause damage to your cargo or bodily harm
  • Always check product for damages before using
  • Not load rated

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