We are the North American leader in Tie-down Straps and load securement related items.

Erickson Mfg. came alive in 1977 when Brent and Connie Erickson had a dream to start their own company. Like many great companies today, the couple started operating the business from their garage behind their house. Through unparalleled passion, determination, and dedication Erickson Mfg. is now a leader in the load securement industry across North America.

Today, Brent and Connie still own and operate the business, but with the addition of several family members. Their three daughters and two grandson’s are working together, while still exemplifying the same passion, determination, and dedication that has put our company in the position it is today.

The goal of our company is simple. We strive to provide our customers with industry moving innovation and superior customer service across every aspect of the sales process. We produce quality products because it’s our families name on the line. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. This has resulted in a trusted brand name throughout the load securement industry and keeps consumers coming back.


At Erickson we try to help our customers with all their transportation needs. Whether it be Arched Aluminum Loading Ramps to load the ATV, a Hitch Hauler for the SUV, a tarp to cover up the old car, or you are stuck and need a tow, we have what you need. Erickson strives to supply our customers with a great value for the money with QUALITY always being our top priority.


All straps being used commercially meet or exceed the DOT requirements. Erickson Mfg. is a voted in member of the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (www.wstda.com). All commercial straps rated at 3000 lbs. and up have printed web stating the Working Load Limit (WLL) on the complete assembly. Tags are also sewn in that feature the WSTDA logos and are compliant with all DOT regulations. Consumer straps not being used commercially all have a sewn in tag that states the WLL of the complete assembly. Strap labelling is mandatory in selected States in the USA and Canada now by the DOT to ensure safety on the roads. Our Anchor Points are also stamped with the MAXIMUM LOAD LIMIT, so rest assured you are up to date with new legislation and what is new in the cargo control world.


At Erickson we try to offer our retailing partners the exact package to meet their customers needs. Our farm and ranch partners like Bulk along with a few packaged items. Our Automotive retailers only like packaged, and in hardware a nice mix works as well. Available today are our traditional Blister Packs, a PRO-SERIES that is shorter and stands up better on the shelf and is designed to work in conjunction with our bulk bin program where the distance between the shelves can be a constant 12″, making the presentation clean and exciting.

Seeing you this week was pure pleasure and such fun at lunch. I can’t thank you enough for coming out to do this and please know how much it means to me. You guys are so terrific and Katie said she understands now why I say I work with the best people in the business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Patty Gayvert, Shipton’s Big R
Thank you for developing the safest and most secure way to transport ATV’s and Side-By-Side’s. On December 5th, 2016, I wrote of my 2015 Dodge 2500 and 2016 Lightning trailer, I had my 2015 Commander Max Xt 1000 in the trailer, I went off the road and my trailer ended up about 60 feet off the highway on its side in a river, thanks to your system it only has about $500.00 damage on it, both truck and trailer were a total lost, I’ve been encouraging all my friends to purchase your tie down system. Just wanted to say thanks.
Roger Isaacs