E-Track: Breaking Down the Basics

E track cargo control is an essential system for securing and organizing cargo during transportation. Whether you’re a truck driver, a logistics professional, or an individual moving goods, understanding the basics of E track cargo control is crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo. In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of E track cargo control and how it can benefit your shipping operations.

What is E Track?

E track, also known as logistic track or E track system, is a versatile cargo control system designed to secure cargo in trucks, trailers, and vans. It consists of a series of horizontal and vertical rails that are typically mounted on the walls or floors of vehicles. These rails feature evenly spaced slots or holes that accommodate various fittings and accessories used for securing cargo.

How Does E Track Work?

The E track system operates on a simple principle of providing anchor points for cargo control. The rails are typically made of high-strength steel or aluminum to withstand heavy loads and ensure durability. They can be installed in different configurations, depending on the specific requirements of the cargo and the vehicle. Once the E track rails are in place, a range of compatible fittings and accessories can be inserted into the slots or holes. These fittings include: 

E Track Straps:

These are heavy-duty straps with either cam buckles or ratchet mechanisms for tensioning. They connect to the E track system and wrap around the cargo, providing a secure hold.

E Track Rings:

These are circular rings with an E track fitting that can be easily inserted into the slots. They serve as anchor points for attaching straps, ropes, or bungee cords to secure cargo.

Basic Accessories: There is also a wide range of E track accessories to fit various needs.

  • Idler Assembly: This is used to help guide your strap to a location for easy ratcheting while ensuring items such as a tire are secure.
  • E-Track Wood Beam Socket: This E track bracket is great for adding to standard 2” lumber to create shelves or dividers.
  • E track Storage Hooks: As simple as it sounds. These are storage hooks to use on E track system for holding cords, equipment, hoses and more.

Unique Accessories: These E-track accessories or mounts are designed to offer simple solutions to problems faced by end users. 

  • E-Chock: This is a patented wheel chock designed to work with your E-track system as some use Etracking on the deck of their trailer for universal cargo control solutions.
  • 360 E-Slot Swivel: This was created to give you a tie down point that works with any E-track accessory. Be it your garage, trailer, shop, etc. it swivels to provide the best angle and solution for your needs.

Benefits of E Track Cargo Control:

  1. Versatility: The E track system offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to secure a wide variety of cargo. The adjustable fittings and accessories enable you to customize the setup based on the specific dimensions and shape of the goods being transported.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Properly secured cargo reduces the risk of load shifting or falling during transportation. E track cargo control helps prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to the cargo itself, as well as the vehicle.
  3. Time and Labor Efficiency: The standardized E track system streamlines the cargo control process. With designated anchor points and readily available accessories, it becomes faster and easier to secure and release cargo. This efficiency translates into time and labor savings, particularly for logistics professionals who handle frequent load changes.
  4. Space Optimization: E track rails can be strategically placed on the walls and floors of the vehicle to maximize the use of available space. By securing cargo vertically and preventing movement, you can optimize the loading capacity and minimize wasted space.
  5. Reusability: E track fittings and accessories can be reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective investment. Once the initial installation is complete, you can adjust and reconfigure the setup as needed for different types of cargo.



E track cargo control is a valuable system for ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods. By providing anchor points and a range of compatible accessories, E track enables you to secure cargo in trucks, trailers, and vans effectively. Understanding the basics of E track and its benefits allows you to optimize your shipping operations, protect your cargo, and enhance overall efficiency. Whether you’re a professional truck driver or an individual moving goods, incorporating E track cargo control into your logistics.